Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I figure it'll take me at least a week or two to figure out which way I want this site to go. Until then, I want to cover a pretty good range of topics...and I also want to keep it light, but informative.

Tonight, I want to talk about travel. I fact, if there weren't already an abundance of travel blogs, that's exactly what this would be. And it may still turn out to be just that.

Many travelers agree that the hardest part is simply the decision to go. I hear it all the time "I want to go to California," or "I've always wanted to see Paris," or "I always wanted to live in Italy." And many people do go...


Many never do it. They "can't" for some reason or other, or many reasons. Basically...it all boils down to fear. When I say the world "travel," I don't meant going to Hawaii for a week for your honeymoon. That's AWESOME...but that's a vacation, not travel. The decision to travel, to leave your home, to go explore the world, is an adventure. And it's risky. To some it's second nature, to others it's scary, but they do it anyway...and then to others, it is just too intimidating.

I have not traveled THAT much. Not as much as many people I have met, but I did drive across the entire United States alone, twice, with my car packed full of my belongings when I moved to Arizona. After that, I lived in California. I also lived in the Dominican Republic.

During all of my travels...I was never even remotely nervous. The absence of that emotional response is what allowed me to experience the greatest feeling of freedom and contentment I've ever known.

Your own mind creates your own world, your own heaven & hell. Knowing THAT is half the battle.

More on that tomorrow.


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  1. I totally agree with you!!! I love to travel and alway make it my business to travel to at least 1 new place a year!! Stop by my blog and leave your footprints behind!!